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  • Brett Lashley

New Jam Tracks

It's been quite a long time since my last post. I have been spending a good portion of that time working with students trying to figure out what tools they most need. What I hear from a lot of my students is that they want to "understand what they are playing" and "I need someone to play with to practice soloing" Of course I teach them all the music theory to show how songs they are learning are constructed, but it is still hard for students to understand how to use a scale to improvise. For both of these problems I am adding a new Jam Tracks page to my website. I will be adding lots of links and examples of how to improvise over each example over time. This tracks can be brought up anytime and ideas can be re-read until they really start to click. Some of these tracks are as simple as a single chord (actually every Major and minor chord) looped for 5 minutes, 12 bar blues in several keys, simple rock tunes (some not so simple ones), to jazz standards, etc. I hope people find these fun and useful. All these tracks were recorded and arranged by me right here at my home studio in Tempe.

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